AMPM24-7 Productions

"And those who were seen dancing
were thought to be insane
by those who could not hear the music." ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

AMPM24-7 Home ~

About us: (AnnMarie & Michael)

We hope that our creative expression

speaks to and calls to you in a way

that lets you know...

we share a vison.

We dream a life

where the details of the journey

don’t matter anymore.

A world where we are


supported by our Inner reality

to the degree that we have allowed

our outer reality

to become a fully embodied

reflection of that,



  Note: there may be original pieces not titled or priced yet,

if your interested in a work of my art and/or our music,

 or have questions,

 feel free to connect with me here or on FaceBook.

As to my original paintings & sketches,

If an original is no longer available, it will be noted in the description. 

Archival, signed prints of all photographic images

are available in these sizes (unmatted) and for these prices:
(all prices are in USD)

4x6 print on a 5x7 card

(blank inside) w/envelope ~ $5. 
5x7 print ~ $8. 
8x10 print ~ $15. 

11x14 print ~ $23. 

for larger sizes or formats (i.e. wrapped canvas)
please inquire using my contact page

FREE shipping to a continental USA address

& calculated International shipping

NOTE:  no purchased imagery will have a visible logo,

though there may be my signature in the art itself.

I appreciate your visit to our site...

Our Cd's~  First Snow & the Parson McNamara EP 
can be purchased on the Music page

We thank you for visiting our site!

If you've enjoyed what we have to offer

& haven't found something to purchase,

yet, still want to support our artistic journey
you can do so here with a donation...

Thank You greatly for your generosity...

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