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"And those who were seen dancing
were thought to be insane
by those who could not hear the music." ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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AnnMarie & Michael Parson-McNamara

   our Imagery & Music 

No purchased image will have a visible logo,

though my signature may be visible in the art itself.

some of my work is still in process in regards to titles and prices ~ 

if your interested a particular piece feel free to connect with me here or on FaceBook.

An original (painting) that is not available will be noted in the description. 

NONE of the Gallery images are in full resolution on this site
Full resolution is available to view ~ please inquire.

 Signed, archival prints of all photography & some paintings are available.

Prices vary with styles and options ( prints, wrapped canvas, etc)

 to order originals or prints, you will need to contact me

(contact tab on left sidebar) 

I've included a pricelist for Wrapped gallery Canvases in common sizes 

this price does not include shipping and is in USD

Wrapped Gallery Canvas:

8x10- $55





Other sizes available: 10x20, 12x12, 12x18, 12x36, 20x20, 20x30, 20x60 and 30x40 please inquire for current pricing

Our Cd's~  First Snow & the Parson McNamara EP 
can be purchased on the Music page

We thank you for visiting!

If you've enjoyed AMPM24-7 Arts

and would like to support
this ongoing artistic journey

you can do so here with a donation...

 and Thank You greatly for your generosity...

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