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by AnnMarie

I've been doing readings for people other than myself since approx. 1972. I've used a variety of different Oracle's. I enjoy the Tarot because they are most always quite beautiful.

I spent quite a number of years in the ACOA 12-step group and during that time there was a tarot deck specially designed for people in 12 step programs, called the mythic tarot. It was lovely  in that it took the person doing the reading (as well as the client), back into themselves and never got lost in fables or “stories”.

Today I use the Sun/Moon deck as I really enjoy the imagery. If you decide to get an email reading you will receive an image of your reading, so that you may see the pictures and study the layout if you like. Years of knowledge, intuition, and an understanding of the cards are the tools I use to read with.

I also use and have worked with the Viking Runes since 1987. I  incorporate combinations of Cards and Runes together. Raplh Blum's Viking Runes are an integral part of my life and have been since I first laid eyes on them, the symbols strike an ancient cord within me and coming from a Celtic background myself, I have found them to be a fantastic means of receiving clarity on any topic, immediately.

For centuries people have used readings as a means of gaining access to the inner workings of themselves. An oracle, any oracle,  is just a visual method of understanding the divine metaphors that run through our lives, and learning to allow ourselves to honor our chosen journey.

We are all on a heroic path of our own creation.

Like everything else in reality, once we realize that there is no "out there" (out there), then the communication we allow ourselves to receive, will be used as an agent of blending between our Source-Self and our personhood.

An Abraham-Hicks friend once asked me how I integrate tarot reading with being a student of the teachings of Abraham, I responded...

 During my first few years of being a “student” with Abe, I put the cards away. It was important for me to be clear about what being a “reader” in my future might mean, if I were to continue.

What I found was that as continued to read for myself, I did see the assistance in doing it, of validation and clarity.  So clients, who may be students of Abraham-Hicks or another teaching of Universal laws, will enjoy the same response.


As an intuitive reader using the combination of Tarot & Viking Runes ~should you decide to receive a reading from me, let me first express how much I appreciate your allowing me to engage with you, all readings are a co-creation through the both of us.

A reading is an opening that may offer guidance and can be deeply useful. I read to offer support, validation and clarity.

I ask, on your behalf, that anything you are wanting clarity about, be shown to me clearly thru the oracle to define and expand upon and that I be given suggestions that you might consider in order to raise your vibrational set-point.


I offer two styles of readings, Full or Subject Specific.
FULL reading in person can take up to an hour and a half and may also include repeated "runs" with cards and runes on specific areas, as we work together for clarity. A full reading by email will include an image of your spread as well as detailed descriptions of each position, and what your cards IN those positions, indicate.

A Subject Specific reading in person takes approx. 30 mins. We will cover an area your interested in gaining clarity about, examples: Health, Finances, Relationships, etc. By email you will get an image of your spread as well as descriptions of what your cards indicate.

$65. usd

for a FULL Reading

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$30. usd

for a Subject Specific Reading

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