AMPM24-7 Music ~

We currently have 2 cd's available, one is a beautiful meditational collection of 3 pieces ~ First Snow,

and the other is a EP of 5 of our songs ~both can be sampled & purchased below...

our CD's are hand crafted in our home studio.

Michael is available by appointment, for guitar, mandolin, etc., instruction

at our location in Honor, Mi.

~ Please use our contact page ~

First Snow

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Michael's beautiful music was featured at the at The World Healing Center at Purdue University. Used as the backdrop for the workshop "Pathway to Riches", a presentation by Rene Fugitt about the "riches that are within". Focusing on the creativity of our heart connection with Spirit, and accompanying a slide show of Renes' photographs of love and light.

First Snow is the perfect backdrop for meditation/contemplation as well as a backdrop for massage creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere each of the three pieces also lend themselves well to your daily yoga routine.

Each copy of First Snow is lovingly handcrafted by us at home.

First Snow is: Three full length instrumental meditation pieces over 20 mins. each.

Winding Back Thru You

First Snow

Always Home

$20. (usd)  to continental USA
$30. (usd)  everywhere else

Prices include shipping

To hear a sample of the music you can play the short video below.

FS CD w/ship

First Snow Sampler

Parson-McNamara EP

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Our Parson McNamara EP is these 5 of our songs:

Fallen Angels
Sailin' Home
Silent Running
Sailin' Home (instrumental)

$13. (usd) to continental USA
$23. (usd) everywhere else
Prices include shipping

To hear a sample of this album please play the short video below.

PM Cd w/ship

Parson McNamara EP Sampler

AnnMarie & Michael Parson-McNamara

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