FINAL nov 27 cover

If i could have one wish come true it would be ~

that every dog on planet earth would be

happy, healthy and well-loved.

That every dog would have a home

where they were respected, listened to, cared for and

about, considered a full member of the “family” and

given every consideration in every regard.

There really aren’t enough words in our language

to express how i feel about dogs.

While my boy charliebear was alive, as a diabetic he

needed to walk 2x a day EVERY day. And we live in a

part of the country that, for about 5-6 months of the

year, its not really warm enough to walk outside, so i

ended up cobbling together various dog coats, for cold,

snow, rain, wind... etc.,

for charliebear and our other dogchild, peanut.

i really enjoyed making them and decided

that one way to hug a BUNCH of dogs (in my heart) was to make some more dog coats!

so... here we are (O:

* Made of fleece so they are very soft and snuggly 

* custom orders are always welcome! if your pupper doesn’t fit into any of the above size ranges

custom measurments

my desire in creating these cozy coats is for puppers to be wearing them!

so... if YOU want one for your furkid, then I TOO want one for them....

and i want your pup to have one.

if you can donate the suggested amount, great!

if not, no problem, cover my shipping, and add what you can,

the main goal is for your dog to have a hug-a-pup dog coat

made with more love than you might imagine!

Currently shipping to continental USA for $6.00

suggested donation

Below are a few images of  Hug-a-Pup coats, there are more in the Hug-a-Pup Gallery!

Hug-a-Pup Dog Coats

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