Hug-a-Pup Dog Coats - AMPM24-7 Photography & Productions

If i could have one wish come true it would be ~

that every dog on planet earth would be

happy, healthy and well-loved.

That every dog would have a home

where they were respected, listened to, cared for and about, considered a full member of the “family” and given every consideration in every regard.

There really aren’t enough words in our language

to express how i feel about dogs.

While my boy charliebear was alive, as a diabetic he needed to walk 2x a day EVERY day. And we live in a part of the country that, for about 5-6 months of the year, its not really warm enough to walk outside, so i ended up cobbling together various dog coats, for cold, snow, rain, wind... etc.,

for charliebear and our other dogchild, peanut.

i really enjoyed making them and decided

that one way to hug a BUNCH of dogs (in my heart) was to make some more dog coats!

so... here we are (O:

* Made of fleece so they are very soft and snuggly 

* custom orders are always welcome! if your pupper doesn’t fit into any of the above size ranges

Hug-a-Pup Dog Coats

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