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about AnnMarie

AnnMarie Parson-McNamara

aka AMPM24-7 Arts

i live in beautiful Northern Lower Michigan, at the base of the pinky finger ~ as Michigan is easily identified in the shape of a mitten! (which we wear a lot up here during the wintery months) I've been working with art & imagery in various forms, my entire life.

As a young child of 2 landscape artists, i was encouraged early to draw, draw, and then draw some more... i also spent quite a bit of time dancing and singing, and writing poetry ~ which eventually incorporated itself into my desire to be in sound, motion AND in artistic expression... (preferably all at once!)

i left school to join the USAF at 16 and become a still photographer, back in the dark room days of the 70's. i've spent decades in the fields of photography, drafting, graphics and design. Eventually building, owning and operating a portrait studio in the country on 18 acres, for a few years.

Right along side of, and closely entwined with, my artistic expression... has been my deep and profound interest in all matters metaphysical. i am a long time student of the seth material, as well as abraham-hicks, and emmanuel.

I continue to express my spiritual self and understanding through my arts, to this day. It's the clearest path to understanding myself that I have access to and the one that's the most satisfying

My art allows me to express what words cannot and means more to me than anything else I can imagine...

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